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If you are going to attend ANY WWE live event you could receive discounts on your Next Order!

We are giving away 25% discounts to anyone who is attending a wwe event wearing one of our tees.

here are the rules and information on how to receive your discount.

  1. Share a photo from the event wearing our tee, use #teeplexcitylive on one OR all of these social medias. Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  2. Follow & Like us on        or     @TeeplexCity
  • Only ONE Buyer Per Household Will Receive Discount.
  • Discounts only good for 1 time purchase of your total order.
  • Discount Code Expires 30 Days after receiving them. 
  • Discounts do not roll over & can not be used with other codes or offers. 
  • If going to multiple wwe events you must complete the same process and rules.
  • Only 1 discount Per Month can be giving ( in the case where you may be attending multiple events ) 


Your privacy is very important to us and your information will never be shared.



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